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Ready for Easter, Kids?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Easter's almost here!

In this update:

- how are we doing?

- the first E-Zine is now available (lots of goodies and ideas for Easter for kids)

- some extracts from the E-Zine

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How are we doing?

In my world everything's been pretty much on hold since Christmas.

We went camping for the Year End Holidays. Miss E had 2 1/2 weeks back at school and then the Lunar New Year break (10 days here!). COVID-19 then it the country. It's not been as bad as elsewhere but the schools didn't open again until Feb 25th. Back at school for 3 weeks and the closed again for 10 days before Spring break. Distance (or Digital) learning has been an interesting experience, for us all

Easter is almost upon us! Everyone has been at home all this time including Mr H. It never occurred to me before how many distractions there can be that prevent me getting any work done … *sigh! I’ve got to start thinking about lunch about 2 hours after breakfast is over, household chores in between, … then:

Miss E: Mummy...can you help me with this and that, mummy I’m hungry, can I have a snack? … *sigh!

Mr H: Where do you usually put the frying pans? I don't know where you keep the chamomile tea bags...*sigh!

Phone: (video call ... Mr H at the grocery store), are these the apples you wanted? How many should I get? ... *sigh!

E-Zine launch

Despite all that, I managed to get something done! Not exactly the way I planned it but, given the circumstances, I've got to say I'm quite proud of myself for getting this far.

I've put all my recent work for you in the first edition of my E-Zine. It's 20+ pages of information and tutorials about my personal projects. It's for you to try out at home too!.

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Here's table of contents from the Spring 2020 issue.

Some ideas from the E-Zine

We made our own Easter baskets for this Easter Sunday. With semi-lockdown in place, we try not to go out to the shops too often. A little creativity is needed.

We cut eggs cartons and used Kleenex and coffee filters to make our basket which we then filled with some wrapped goodies. See how below. You can get the links to the videos of the complete tutorials in the E-Zine.

We also tested an Asian style noodle salad. It's a simplified version of sweet and tangy Vietnamese rice noodles with a twist for this Sunday. We included the recipe in the E-Zine.

Then there is Miss E’s bedroom project, still ongoing...I'm also sharing a couple of tutorials, to be continued in the next issue.

Here is the link to Pinterest tutorial for this recycled lampshade. It made a pretty addition to Miss E's room. See it hanging in the next photo below.

Also in the E-Zine, homemade Noughts and Crosses, a simple board game to make and a great way to play indoors! Use buttons, beads, pebbles, seashells, corks...cut some felt and sew (for those brave enough to do so). Otherwise, Sharpies (permanent markers) and cardboard or cartons are just as good.


Did you know? You can follow that little bag of tricks on Pinterest here for anything in between these blogs and the E-Zine.

That's all for this time. Final word, stay safe everyone!

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