• MJ

Happiness......is mornings with no alarms

Three weeks to go before school ends and then we're relocating halfway around the world. At least we intend to do so once things open up. Because of that there are many things to do BUT at least no more 6am alarms. Oh, and where we're going school starts at 9am :).

But before all that, Father's Day is on its way and something to look forward to. See below for some ideas.

I managed to put together the second issue of our Quarterly e-magazine today, completely free, no strings attached. It's basically a collection of tutorials and downloadable templates of personal projects that Miss E and I have recently worked on.

If you haven't signed up, please do here to receive your Quarterly issues. Here's the cover and contents of the latest one.

For Father's Day we 'stole' daddy's beloved old faithful orange linen shirt to make a wine bottle cover for one of his goodies. Find the easy-to-make, step-by-step tutorials in the Quarterly, as well as the template to make the bubbly beer mug card. I also included two designs of Father's Day cards ready to download and print for those of you not feeling too creative!

Before we take a break for the summer (we're hoping to head for the mountains to cool off) we'd like to challenge you to a little creative project for the school holidays.

During our hikes and explorations over the Spring break, Pipsqueak and I collected 'lost things' sort of like Tinkerbell does. We used them to experiment with printing different patterns and textures. We tried rubber bands, corrugated carton, bubble wraps, straws and even some vegetables. Most of them turned out great! There are so many possibilities and I thought it would be great if you could take part and share your version of 'lost things' printing.

Your challenge is to create an artwork by printing any object you find around you onto paper or any surface you want to use. Read below for the details.

Here are some examples of what we did. See how I did mine on Pinterest, click the link here.

So, get your children's creative mood going, take up the challenge and share it with us! Please send a photo and a brief description of your artwork to that.little.bag.of.tricks@gmail.com by 30th August so that we can show it off in September for people to vote for a winner.

If you're not among the lucky ones getting it already, don't forget to sign up for our free Quarterly e-magazine, monthly newsletters, and free downloadable, printable materials here ! Included in this issue is a 10-page Children's Travel Journal ready to print for your next trip.

Have a great summer everyone ... and stay safe!

Cheers, MJ