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Mini Ballerina Birthday

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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I was first into ballet in a big way around the same age as Miss E. She requested a ballet themed birthday as she turned 5. That was easy as I'd done loads of googling for her room makeover project (read about it here), watched endless YouTube videos of Swan Lake and had actually taken her to numerous performances. I wasn't short of ideas, sorting through them all was the problem!

I started with the guest list ... fortunately the then 5-year-old decided that she just wanted an afternoon playdate with three of her closest friends. So that made it even easier for me to prepare. No stress on the food front (baking and cooking aren't exactly a joy for me). We did shop-bought cupcakes and goodies. I just needed to make homemade fruit tea .

... our picnic spread to start ...

I put together some ideas for the invites and thank you notes, the decorations, birthday favours and organised activities (so as to avoid a riot and minimise the evening clean-up).

The invites were first. It was a bit last minute as the little miss' birthday is in September. Given we just came back from summer holiday and two weeks into the new school year, I tried to come up with something that didn't need a trip to the shops. I created rather rushed, simple invites. They weren't the best, but I was rather pleased with the results.

Backdrop was next to think about...

As much as I like paper crafts and decorations in general, I hate to think that they'd probably end up in the bin, or piled up in a box at the back of a drawer somewhere.

So I always try to make decorations with double usage in mind. I made three simple decorations, ballerina figurines, tissue paper pompoms and streamers. I figured that I could use the paper ballerinas to double up as thank you cards, and the pompoms were perfect for wands and could be given away as one of the favour bag fillers. I made three each, to be given away to each guest at the end of the day.

I stencilled some ballerina silhouettes and laid them each over snowflakes cut out of origami papers. My daughter insisted (quite rightly) that they be temporarily hung (or stuck) on the wall as part of the backdrop and she labelled each figurine with the names of a guest. I took them off at the end of the party and gave them away as thank you notes.

... our thank you notes, doubled as hanging decorations ...

We made flower pompoms out of tissue paper (could do it with tulle as well), stuck a disposable chopstick on each and secured them together with a glue gun to make pompom wands. We also hung those as part of the backdrop and put them in the party favour bags at the end. I added four streamers (two pink and two gold) to the mix. Finally, I borrowed Miss E's sheer curtains from her bedroom to cover the windows for the occasion. I thought that would be good enough.

For the actual party, we started by glitter painting a canvas and adding a collage of pre-made sparkly leotards and pink tutus...

Bracelet making came next. I put together a kit of beads, ribbons and elastic strings that I stuffed inside little tutu dresses that I'd made out of bathroom rolls. The girls really enjoyed stringing the beads together. I helped secure the beads when they were done and the girls placed them around the dresses as belts and stuffed them with leftover goodies for home.

They also took home these wooden trinket boxes to keep what's left in their bead kits. I found them at the pound shop (dollar store), painted them pink, sprinkled some glitters, added wooden initials for each girl, a bit of pink tulle and mini gold ribbons for personalisation.

Finally, it was time for dinner. I had pre-prepared this quick and easy gold sprinkled plate of pink noodles with strawberry milk to finish. It was surprisingly simple, no stress for Mummy, and most importantly the girls had a really good time ...

I will end this post with a peek of the next party post. A woodland fairy is coming your way...

Connect with me if you're interested in learning how to make and do this stuff. This was my first blog and I'm still figuring out ways to create and deliver downloadable tutorials, links, templates, etc ... so we'll be doing manual for the time being!

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