• MJ

So This Is Christmas....

Another Christmas is around the corner. This year though, many of us have got more time at home with the little ones being quasi locked-in until somebody can figure out how to stop this spread of virus! Looking at the bright side of things, like we do, we've got our crafting ideas rampant being at home most of the time ...

Daddy isn't home having been confined back in his hometown in England and so his stash of beer remains untouched. Miss E and I came up with an improvised version of our Santa sleigh and his reindeers that we did few years ago using egg cartons. This time, we are using his beer bottles for one of his homecoming presents. Here how we did it:

We also did an angel for mummy, and a group of choir singers for my friends:

We put a portion of hot cocoa mix in used glass yogurt jars and add sugar pearls and mini marshmallows. Then we made their hats with some yarns we bought for pipsqueak's new hobby, weaving! We are experimenting different patterns and hopefully can share it with you in the next post!

You can try glass baubles too, they also make cute little gifts!

A lot of fun we had making cards and decorating gift wrappings as well as some mugs to go with the cards for PS's teachers (she's got a few!)

Easy and fun, we paint these with Q-tips and fingertips .. here are some:

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Next is the tree. We haven't got it yet, but need to start thinking about the ornaments as our Christmas kit is currently in storage, and so are all my craft supplies. We found some good ideas out of pipe cleaners for this year's Christmas decorations. They are inexpensive and come in all sorts of colours and glitters.

We made icicles:

Quite a lot of snowflakes:

Mummy and baby angels:

We made Christmas trees, stars, Rudolf, candy canes and wreaths too, we put them all in our Winter 2020 quarterly e-magazine, get your free copy here.

Finally, a tip for those who don't usually get excited over decorating a Christmas tree; do a playdate and get a bunch of 9-year-olds to do it for you. That's what we are going to do this coming weekend. I also throw in some more fun by getting this IKEA gingerbread kit for them to decorate and take home:

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay safe and see you all in the new year ...